Warner Bros. Discovery


Knoxville, TN

42,670 SF

MHM worked closely with Warner Bros. Discovery to envision a new space for their relocated Knoxville office. The 42,000+ sf renovation occupies space across three levels of an existing building. Each WBD location is unique in its identity, drawing inspiration from its locale. Inspired by Knoxville and the Great Smoky Mountains, this space is filled with rich textures and calming hues that offer a distinct look and feel.

Embracing a hybrid work model, roughly half of the Warner Bros. staff occupies the office at any given time. A hotel-style desk solution allows employees the freedom to work from laptops in many other work environments throughout the space. A mix of open desking and collaborative zones are dispersed on each floor, and enclosed executive offices link closely to open office areas. Gracious lounge areas, ample conference rooms, and private call rooms are spread throughout to provide alternate working postures for employees. A warm and inviting café offers a place to relax and connect with colleagues. Amenities, like private restrooms and nursing rooms, offer added comfort levels while in the office environment.

Throughout the space, a refined color palette of warm terracotta, calming blue-greens, and soft whites aims to create a relaxing environment. Biophilic elements are incorporated, including a custom moss wall installation at each entry. Brick accent walls are used throughout to create a uniquely Knoxville background in call rooms. Glass wall fronts ensure an open and collaborative environment while maintaining views and natural light.

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