McCarty Holsaple McCarty has a long history of serving clients throughout East Tennessee. By providing a complete offering of exceptional management, design, and delivery services MHM works closely with our clients to help them realize their vision. Our common mission is to be a TOTAL PROJECT PARTNER


With a dedication to excellent service, MHM has deep experience and capacity to effectively manage and design projects of all sizes and level of complexity; including expertise for large, high-profile, complex and long-term projects. 


MHM’s collaborative effort between the design team and the client is paramount to the success of the project. The design process is balanced by research, observation, and introspection. MHM has found that a personal, collaborative approach is the most successful means of integrating the client’s unique requirements. Ultimately, MHM is dedicated to enhancing a client’s culture, image, and brand while balancing a project’s complex parameters.


The MHM approach is based upon belief in the clarity of process, commitment to comprehensive documentation, and dedication to taking responsibility for the project from beginning to end. MHM pushes traditional design firm boundaries by using innovative and expanded project delivery and management services to make great projects happen.  

We offer a broad range of services beyond the traditional role as architect to help our client’s achieve their vision; truly becoming their total project partner: