CapitalMark Oak Ridge




Oak Ridge, TN

3,000 SF

The client is a regional financial institution that focuses on corporate clientele. The office presented here is located in a historic shopping center in the heart of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The program required combining two existing tenant spaces, the larger of which was the original 1943 bank for Oak Ridge, into one, distinctive space for the client. The architect worked with the client to create a unique experience in their branch offices that not only relates to the individual community in which it is located, but begins to blur the typical preconceptions of banking.

The project is influenced by the client’s focus on customer services within offices. The design does not focus on typical tellers at a counter, but instead introduced lounge seating in an open area for a sense of luxury in service.

High visibility between the offices and the lobby allowed for a visual connectivity between the clients and the bank staff. The focus was on transparency and not secrecy. Multiple partitions installed over the years were removed to regain the original bank’s sense of openness.

Photo Credits:
Robert Batey